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CBNX Powders
RSX Diamond
MSX Diamond
Natural Diamond
Micron Powder
Mesh Sizes

SAT offers a full range of SuperAbrasive powders in both mesh and micron sizes, PCD and PCBN Blanks, and SuperAbrasive Consulting Services.   

CBNX Series Abrasive Powders - Mesh and Micron
CBN Superabrasive powders for steel grinding in Resin, Vitrified, Metal and Electroplated Grinding Wheels. 
RSX Series Resin Bond Diamond for Grinding & Polishing
Friable resin bond grinding diamond in a full range of mesh and micron sizes for grinding and finishing for use primarily in the Ceramics and Cutting Tool industries.
MSX Series Metal Bond Diamond for Grinding, Slicing, or Polishing
Metal Bond mesh and micron diamond in a full range of sizes for use primarily in the Glass, Ceramic, Stone, Refractory, and Composite Materials industries.
Natural Diamond Powders
Natural Diamond grit and stones for use primarily in the Electroplated, Trueing and Dressing, and Mining/Drilling Bit industries.


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