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Vitrified Bond Technology Package

Isnít it time to take control of your Vitrified CBN and Vitrified Diamond Grinding Applications?  

           SAT has the Answer! 

              1)  Reduce Costs by 40%, 50% and more!                       

              2)   Improve Productivity by optimizing wheels for your operation!                       

SATís New Vitrified Bond Technology gives you the opportunity to save far more than the 5% or 10% which is being demanded by Auto Manufacturers in todayís Economy.  

     The Process is Simple,

                   It is  Easily executed,

                                    It requires a  relatively small investment,

                                                      It  produces Huge Savings the very first year. 

                                                                                       And Every Year thereafter!

SATís Vitrified Bond Technology Package has a Proven Payback period measured in Months rather than years.

Contact SAT Inc. Today for your Free Application Review and for the Secret which could save you hundreds of thousands of dollars!   Each and every year! 

Our Engineers are standing by to assess your applications and wheel usage for a no nonsense appraisal of your opportunities to start saving with Vitrified CBN and /or Vitrified Diamond Grinding wheels.

            Unlock the Secrets of Vitrified CBN and Vitrified Diamond Grinding Today!


SAT SuperAbrasive Techniques,  

886 East College Ave., Westerville, OH     43081-2505 USA

     Tel:   1-614-882-0499       Fax:   1-614-899-0993         

     E-mail:   info@satcorporation.com




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