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CBNX Powders RSX Diamond MSX Diamond Natural Diamond Micron Powder Mesh Sizes



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Self Sharpening Crystals for Optimal Ceramic Surface Finishes

Our RSX Series of Resin Synthetic Diamond offers the most application friendly Resin Bond Grinding Diamond available today.  The crystal inclusions combined with the semi-blocky shape help the wheel maker produce a wheel whose crystals  microfracture at a more consistent rate.  This action produces more uniform wheel wear, more uniform grinding rates, and more consistently fine surface finishes. 

The RSX Mesh Series includes products from RS3 through RS6.   These products are the perfect choice for grinding and finishing Ceramics and Tungsten Carbide workpieces.  For more detail on the use of each product, refer to our "User's Guide".  In general, our Resin Bond mesh is offered in a size range from 80/100 through 325/400. Available with Ni56%, Ni30%, as well as Cu60% and Cu50% coating.

The RSX Micron Powder Series includes RS4-M as well as alternate special products and grades that are available to meet special needs. 

Key Benefits

bulletMore Uniform Wheel Wear
bulletMore Uniform Grinding Rates
bulletMore Consistent Fine Finishes

For more information on our RSX Resin Bond Diamond and its uses read our paper "RSX Series - High Friability - Resin Bond Diamond, A User's Guide"

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