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New!!!!         Diamond Sidewalk Saver Program

    Make your sidewalk and patio safe for all

Contact us to let us show you how........


Have you seen our    Vitrified Bond Technology Package?  

   The potential for savings is large.  Contact us for your free assessment!   


     MicroPyramid CBN5    -  For Vit CBN Wheels     


MicroPyramid CBNX Series Cubic Boron Nitride

                      The Right Tool for Precision Steel Grinding.


This paper  on SAT's MicroPyramid CBNX describes the unique crystal features and some of the practical benefits for your precision steel grinding.  Please check it out and begin putting the MicroPyramids to work for you.


This is where we'll announce the most recent additions to our web site. Check here for technical papers, the most current edition of our newsletter, Satech News, and more.



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