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SAT Natural Diamond Rotary Products

Mesh Product Description





RFD 1 West African Drill 1: Composed of very round, closed stones of the highest grade (Cup 1 Only!). Very high Thermal Stability.
RFD 2 West African Drill 2: Same High Quality as RFD1 but not as spherical. (Cups 1-3) High Thermal Stability.
RFD 3 West African Drill 3: Intermediate Grade of Darker & Frosted crystals, w/ spherical shape, (Cup 1 Only) Good thermal stability.
RFD 4 West African Drill 4: Same High Quality as RFD3 but not as spherical. (Cups 1-3). Excellent Alternative to our RFP range when a rough surface is required.
RFR 1 West African Rotary 1: Our Highest grade "Rotary" Product. Light Translucent, Blocky Crystals w/high thermal stability.
RFR 2 West African Rotary 2: Same as RFR1 but with 30% darker material.
RFR 3 West African Rotary 3: Strong and predominantly translucent, medium blocky. Available in 20/25 and 25/30 only.
RFR 4 West African Rotary 4: Same as RFR3 but with 50% darker material. Available in 20/25 and 25/30 only.



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