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SAT Natural Diamond Reinforcing Stones

Mesh Product Description





EX 1 CRYSTAL 1: Finest Grade Crystal. Light Color, Clean & Symmetrical with all points and edges intact.
EX 2 CRYSTAL 2: Same high quality as EX1, with Most points and edges intact.
EX 3 CRYSTAL 3: Darker in Color and Higher inclusion level. Each Stone still retains most of its points and edges.
EO 1 OCTAGON 1: Light Color, Clean and Symmetrical with six good points.
EO 2 OCTAGON 2: Darker in Color and higher inclusion level, Each stone still retains 4-6 good points.
EM 1 MACCLES 1: Thin Clean symmetrical maccles with all three points intact. Available in 40--200 ppc only.
EM 2 MACCLES 2: Slightly thicker than EM1 with 1-2 points intact. Available in 40--200 ppc only.



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