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SAT Natural Diamond Mining Products

Mesh Product Description




MF 1 Natural Mining Diamond 1: Is designed for Surface Set infiltrated bits.

Used for drilling and/or coring the most demanding ground formations.

MF 2 Natural Mining Diamond 2: Is a High Quality General Purpose Drilling product.

Used for both infiltrated surface set bits and high temperature sintered segments.

MF 3 Natural Mining Diamond 3: Is a Blocky, Medium Strength product.

Specifically engineered to be economically interchangeable for both the gage as well as sintered segments.

MFP 1 Processed Mining Diamond 1: Is produced from the same material as our MF range.

MFP1 is processed to a smooth round shape.

MFP 2 Processed Mining Diamond 2: Is produced from the same material as our MF range.

MFP 2 is processed to a more irregular finish for better bond retention.



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