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SAT Natural Diamond Drilling Products

Mesh Product Description


DF 1 Natural Drill 1: Is composed of very healthy closed octahedral and dodecahedral Stones (Cups 1 & 2).

Used for Coring and Drilling the most demanding ground formations.

DF 2 Natural Drill 2: Is composed of blocky, healthy, closed and slightly open octahedral & dodecahedral stones (Cups 1-3).

Used for coring and drilling hard and abrasive ground formations.

DF 3 Natural Drill 3: Is an economical choice of Blocky

(Cups 1-3), but slightly irregular healthy stones.

Used for softer ground formations.

DF 4 Natural Drill 4: Is a blocky, medium strength product, specifically engineered to be economically Interchangeable for both the gage as well as the non-critical areas on the bit face.
DF 5 Natural Drill 5: Is composed of Blocky Stones (1-4 cups) designed specifically for use as a gage diamond.



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