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SATechNews Issue # 02-001

SAT SuperAbrasive Techniques Inc. Info@satcorporation.com January 25, 2002

Engineered, Controlled Structure, Vitrified CBN5 SuperAbrasive Wheels

... for HSS Flute Grinding.

SATs new Vitrified CBN Grinding system combines the benefits of strong chemical bonding of our Proprietary Glass Frits with the CBN5 Crystal MicroFracturing properties and the Controlled Structure Vitrified bond System to produce consistently excellent Ground Workpieces, reduce Grinding Wheel Costs by up to 50%, and make the wheels "User Friendly" minimizing the need for wheel dressing.

In his 2001 Technical Paper, "Enhancing Quality and Productivity with Vitrified Superabrasive Products" R.C. Pung demonstrated the wide range of effects which were able to be produced by carefully controlled variations of the Controlled Structure Vitrified Bond System as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1: Power comparison fluting High Speed Steel


Pung demonstrated the increase in power after wheel truing for the relatively hard Bond "B" in Figure 2 where the power buildup manifests itself in light workpiece burning on the edge of the cutter after grinding the fifth workpiece (10 Flutes). Under this set of conditions, a manual Stick Dressing operation was required following the fourth workpiece in order to maintain the required product quality.

Figure 2 Rapid increase in power due to inadequate bond openness.

The carefully controlled variations of the ECSVS Vitrified Bond System allows the bond to be more nearly optimized for this particular application in Bond "D" as shown in Figure 3 which shows the continued productive grinding for 140 Grooves prior to re-truing and re-dressing the wheel, staying well below the burn threshold.

Figure 3 Power for production grinding cycle.

The Freer cutting action of Bond "D" permits the operation to be fully automated with Wheel Truing and Dressing after 70 workpieces or 140 flutes.

And now this Vitrified SuperAbrasive Bond System is available with worldwide support from SAT Inc..


For more details about how you can put the ECSVS System to use in your Factory, contact SAT at:

SAT SuperAbrasive Techniques, Inc. Tel: 1-614-882-0499 Fax: 1-614-899-0993

886 East College Ave. E-Mail : info@satcorporation.com

Westerville, OH 43081-2505 USA http://www.IndustrialDiamondCBN.com




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