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CBNX Powders RSX Diamond MSX Diamond Natural Diamond Micron Powder Mesh Sizes



On the Manufacturing Floor,  

    When choosing the perfect CBN ..

          for your Bond System and Application ......

.....Its ..... MicroPyramidtmCBN5.

With CBN Crystals, its not always the strong that survives.

New MicroPyramid CBN5 is engineered to effectively bond with Controlled  Structure, Highly Reactive Vitrified Bond Systems to produce the Ultimate in Vitrified Bond CBN grinding.

By forming Bond Posts at the MicroPyramid Sites, the crystal is firmly held with the least amount of bond between the crystals.

The Crystals wear by Micro-Fracturing, Just Like the early promises with CBN!!



CBN5s Superior Bonding with minimal bond means little or no Dressing !


CBN5s Wear by Microfracturing means that the crystals do not become polished like other CBN crystals, again, eliminating the need for frequent wheel dressing.


Bottom Line: CBN5 means Less Dressing, . More Grinding !

.. So now which crystal is the Fittest?

SATs MicroPyramid CBN5 !


Our  MP™-CBNX Series product contains unique Black Micro-Pyramid™ CBN crystals.  This crystal shape results in increased bond retention, especially in the case of Vitrified CBN wheels.  The MP™ crystal shape also promotes better nickel coating retention. 

The crystal structure of the MP™CBNX series range from a CBN5 medium friability crystal for longer life and higher removal rates to a CBN2 high friability crystal for free cutting ability.

The result of the crystal shape and structure of our MP™CBNX series is a crystal that really does wear by micro-fracturing, presenting sharp new cutting edges to the workpiece throughout the life of the wheel.

If you would like more information on our MP™CBNX go to our paper MicroPyramid™CBNX.....For Precision Steel Grinding.


Key Benefits

bulletImproves Surface finishes
bulletIncreases wheel productivity
bulletWheels hold tighter tolerances
bulletLess Dressing, .....  More Grinding


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